Party Marty

Party Marty & The Dirt Bags

you’re a….

Party Marty with a full band! This is a rotating cast of bandmates. Always bringing an energetic live performance with jokes and crowd participation.

Rachel Garcia
Ruel Mundth
William Natz
Joey Stone
Anson Berberich
Andrew Prichard
Kayleigh Olson
Nicki Dougherty

Trick Gandy
Jonah Wilson
Tyler Kollias
Bret Insolia
Frank Dvorak
Melissa Weishaar
Dylan Karpinski
Eric Rouse
…and more


Andy Glass
Marshall Holm
Daniel Saxe
Griffin Rainbird
Jason Petitt
Kenny Conway
Mike Brose
Dominick Janzer
Chris Dencker
Jake Stanzer
…and more

Oscar Meyer Morgan
Rachel Wienerschnitzel
Will Bratz
Bratworst Saxe
Footlong Stevens
Craig Bratmann
Melissa Wienershaar
Dylan Karpinsausage
Lexi Karpinsausage

Rocky Morgan
Seth Lambert
Tyler Kollias
Mike Brose
Andy Cardoni
Chris Dencker
Marshall Holm
…and more