Glacier Valley Music Fest 2020 – August 14-16 – Glacier Valley Campground

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One Weekend.
Three Stages.
Music submissions closed.

Andrew Prichard – Free Beer! That’s what you should give this guy. If you like happy endings, cover girls, free balls, and lesbians then you’ll love Andrew Prichard
Anson Obvious and the Uncomfortable Moments – Anson Obvious and the Uncomfortable Moments is an upbeat folk rock hip hop punk rock party band with themes that certainly live up to their name. The irony and shock humor of Anson’s lyrics May have you disoriented your first time listening, but you won’t need a sense of direction when you realize how much fun you’re having and singing along without even knowing the words to the song. It will truly be the best uncomfortable moment of your life.
Auf Ki* – Auf Ki is the nation’s most revered punk rock band. Keeping it 💯. Never missing the point and sticking it right in your face.
Ben Schmidt – Ben Schmidt is an acoustic guitarist influenced by Ragtime Blues. Along with classic rock and folk staples, Ben likes to apply fingerpicking techniques to heavy metal and punk songs, providing his own unique twists on the genres.
The Brothers Morgan* – The Brothers Morgan is an acoustic duo specializing in Irish Music with a twist of punk rock, brought to live with a the humor, personality, and alcohol tolerance you come to expect from the Irish.
Candace Griffin* – With honest words and acoustic-driven emotions, Candace Griffin puts her listeners right in the moment. You’ll think the songs were written just for you.
Conscious Congress – Conscious Congress is a funky four-piece based out of Milwaukee Wisconsin, bringing you a mix of originals and covers from throughout the decades, all while providing a uniquely funky flair.
Dem Horny Funkers* – Alright, so. A handful of horn players, your typical four-piece band walk into a bar, pick up a chick , and the rest is history. Somewhere along those lines is the actual story of how Dem Horny Funkers came to be. In the fall of 2016, Dem Horny Funkers was formed to offer something different to the music scene of Janesville, WI and the surrounding areas. A night with DHF will never leave you unsatisfied, if you know what I mean. If you’re in the mood for a horny spin on your favorite rock, pop, ska and funk tunes, come check us out at your local bar and become an official Funk Buddy. It’s 2020, guys. It’s not a bad thing to be horny.
Dropbear Collective* – Dropbear Collective is a 4 piece modern rock outfit from Milwaukee, Wi. The band formed in early 2018, quickly began writing original music, and hasn’t stopped since. The group combines to create a unique blend of powerful riffs and catchy hooks with underlying blues and folk elements. With a growing following, the quartet redefines modern rock and roll.
Jennifer Andrea & The Drive Down – Jennifer Andrea and The Drive Down plays rock pop covers and originals with piano driven with singer songwriter roots, Mike Henderson on trumpet/synth/vocals, Justin Haut on guitar, Lo Lee on bass, and Greg Wroblewski on drums.
John Gay – Singer-Songwriter, John Gay’s, gritty contemplative sound ripened in prison while he served a nine year sentence for marijuana that started in 2011. During his initial confinement of over five years when he wasn’t on his bunk with his bible, John was in a storage closet at Fox Lake Correctional Institution with his guitar writing music, singing and praying. After his release from initial confinement in 2017 John started performing his solo acoustic set at various venues around southeastern Wisconsin playing original music he wrote in prison along with covers of his favorite artists such as Jason Isbell, The Lumineers, Chris Stapleton and Zach Williams. John released his first two singles in 2019: Death Row and Concrete Floor.
Kim Banis Music – Kim Banis is a singer/songwriter from Zion, Illinois who mixes folk acoustic rock with underlying punk influences. She’s been attending shows in the local music scene & beyond since 1997 and finally picked up her own guitar while living with her daughter in Chicago in 2009. It wasn’t until 2013 when Kim began writing her own music. She is masochistic & accountable & she invites her audience into her world with her honest, melodic lyrics over simplistic rhythm. Her musical influences range from Bob Dylan to the Clash to Alkaline Trio and everything in between. Her love of music truly began when she started playing the trumpet at 8 years old which lead her into an overall eclectic love of musical artists and bands and, in particular, original songwriters. Follow her pages for booking, performance schedules and live footage: │ │
Orlando Pena – Orlando Peña is a Singer/Songwriter from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His style contains the beautiful imagery and storytelling qualities of traditional folk and country music, but with modern instrumentation and rhythms that come from his eclectic background.
The MilBillies – WAMI nominated New Artist of the Year (2020), The MilBillies are a 5-piece string band that trades vocals like a fifth of bourbon and solos like a bull on a rope, slinging high-energy bluegrass stripped raw with Americana grit.
Mystery Mirrors* – Mystery Mirrors is an indie rock group from Janesville with a unique sound! Their songs are filled to the brim with sparkling, effect-laden chord changes, riveting melodic basslines, and punchy, syncopated drumming. Their music makes for a great, late summer, beachside soundtrack!
The Onehitters – An energetic 5 piece band out of southern Wisconsin. A dash of country from Keaton Smokin’ Gunn, and a hint of psychodelic rock from Stranded Andy. Mix in some heavy synth and blissful keys by Nick Wu. Held up strong by our funky groove masters, Nasty Nate Bouska and Higgitty Hanson! We have a sound for every ear, come get weird with The Onehitters!
Party Marty**** & The Dirt Bags – Party Marty plays upbeat folk-punk music that talks about good friend and good drinks. His humorous lyrics with get stuck in your head. The Dirt Bags bring a live band experience to the solo show that we all know and love. Come laugh and stumble your way to a good time.
Prone To Sorrow** – Prone to Sorrow is an Indie-folk duo based out of the Midwest. Their haunting harmonies and earnest lyrics are a great fusion of their Wisconsin and Colorado roots.
The Red Flags**** – The Red Flags are a Janesville, Wisconsin basement rock trio best known for their unusually high energy live performances. When on stage, they showcase on the fly changes to their studio sound making every live performance more unique than the last. Their latest album ‘Summer Dirties’ manages to grasp a lively studio sound while maintaining the authenticity portraying their live concert energy through sound. Listen here!
Ricky Orta Jr. Band* – Though often seen in small tandems and even one man shows, the full Ricky Orta Jr. Band remains a force of nature. Gritty, soulful vocals, against a bombastic band that takes no prisoners, the band leaves you most pleasantly rocked. There are no frills, just honest grooves. #ComeToMyShows
Robert Schroeder**** – Acoustic artist. Great covers of hit songs From country to classic rock. Definitely how you’d want to end your Friday night! 😜
The Secret Lives – The Secret Lives are an acoustic/ folk/ rock/ southern gothic, trio out of the southwest suburbs of Chicago. Comprised of Andy Victory: Guitar/Vocals, Rachel Darling: Guitar/Violin/Vocals, and Mel Nestor: Bass. From busking to smooth soulful breakdowns, their on stage energy is hypnotic. Please find us at Instagram @thesecretlives_
Soulfoot Mombits – Soulfoot Mombits is from Milwaukee, WI performing in the southeast area for nearly a decade. Groovy bass tones that meld with dancy drum vibes get anyone’s feet tappin’ while the acoustic guitar & soothing vocals are sure to capture your ears & your heart. The soulful trumpet is the frosting that adds flare, turning heads & drawing you to this jiggy folk group. They are currently working on their first album with their single “Ghost Town” to be released soon. Check out & like them on Facebook to stay up to date with the latest happenings.
Tacoma Washington Weekday Club* – Tacoma Washington Weekday Club is an emo band from Milwaukee, WI. Consisting of Logan Prevatt, Noah Turks, Ronald Pershing, Hans Jaeger, Cade Agathen, and Connor Jackowick. They have 4 full-length albums available everywhere now.
Whiskey and The Devil – If Jack White and Led Zeppelin had a baby and fed it only bourbon. That’s Whiskey and the Devil.
Wise Jennings** – We sound like a Punk, Psycho-billy, Alt-Americana, Outlaw Country burrito if there was such a thing and you could listen to it.

Main Stage – (Times subject to change)
5:00pm – Candace Griffin Music* Janesville, WI
6:00pm – Orlando Peña Milwaukee, WI
7:00pm – The Onehitters Janesville, WI
8:00pm – Jennifer Andrea & The Drive Down Milwaukee, WI
9:00pm – The MilBillies Milwaukee, WI
10:00pm – Dem Horny Funkers* Janesville, WI

Unplugged Stage – (Times subject to change)
11:00pm – The Brothers Morgan* Janesville, WI
11:30pm – Kim Banis Music Zion, IL
12:00am – Andrew Prichard* Milwaukee, WI
12:30am – Ben Schmidt Waukesha, WI
1:00am – Robert Schroeder**** Janesville, WI


Pond Stage – (Times subject to change)
11:00am – John Gay Jefferson, WI
12:00pm – The Secret Lives Joliet, IL
1:00pm – Mystery Mirrors* Janesville, WI
2:00pm – Soulfoot Mombits Milwaukee, WI

Fast ‘N Loud Stage – (Times subject to change)
4:00pm – Party Marty**** & The Dirt Bags Waukesha, WI
5:00pm – The Red Flags*** Janesville, WI
6:00pm – Anson Obvious and the Uncomfortable Moments Waukesha, WI
7:00pm – (no band will play in this spot)
8:00pm – Whiskey and the Devil Milwaukee, WI
9:00pm – Auf Ki* Appleton, WI
10:00pm – Tacoma Washington Weekday Club* Milwaukee, WI

Main Stage – (Times subject to change)
6:00pm – Prone To Sorrow** Janesville, WI
7:00pm – Conscious Congress Milwaukee, WI
8:00pm – Dropbear Collective* Milwaukee, WI
9:00pm – Wise Jennings** Lyons, WI
10:00pm – The Music of Ricky Orta Jr.* Milwaukee, WI

*=veteran status


Glacier Valley Campground has:

*Bathrooms & Porta Potties
*Campground Store(food, booze, supplies, etc)
*Swimming Pond
*Volleyball, Disc golf, Mini golf, gaga ball & more
*Hiking trails
*Fishing Pond
*Plenty of room for tents

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