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I’m Marty Morgan and I have been teaching drum and percussion lessons for ten years and many of my young students have been very successful in rock bands, jazz bands, WSMA, mallet percussion, and marching percussion. I graduated high school from Orange County High School of The Arts and I have an education from Musicians Institute in Hollywood California. I have made music my life and I love sharing it with people that want to learn! Lessons are based around what the students interests are. We will learn the songs and skills that the student wants to learn while still incorporating important techniques and habits.

Lessons are 30-minutes weekly.
$25/lesson ($100-$125 monthly)
Payment is due the first lesson of each month.
Lots of flexibility for rescheduling lessons week by week.
Payment is excused for lessons cancelled with at least 24 hours notice. All students are expected to practice between lessons. Practice time varies and suites not always have to involve playing your instrument.


Performance Opportunities!

Students who work hard and show extra interest and passion are invited to perform in a live band setting!

Students have access to hundreds of pages of sheet music for popular songs, WSMA approved pieces, and Excersises.

Samples of Marty’s students:

Fly By Night – RUSH

Charlie – Back In Black

Jordan – Good To Be Alive (Hallelujah)

Rory – Heaven’s On Fire