Party Marty

Trading Cards

Music Fest, The Trading Card Game

Collectable Trading Cards of Local Artists created by Marty Morgan. Design by Rocky Morgan

Artists from the lineups of music festivals.
Glacier Valley Music Fest 2021 & 2022
The Fast ‘N Loud Music Fest 2021 & 2022
-Ground Floor Stage 2021 & 2022
-2nd Floor Stage 2021 & 2022
-Tiki Hut Stage 2022

2-6 Players

*Each player starts with their own shuffled stack of 18 cards.
*Start with 5 cards in your hand. Always have 5 cards in your hand.
*Players take turns laying down cards to fill time slots. One band per hour(a band scheduled at 8:50pm counts for the entire 8pm hour). Keep track of which slots have been taken on a seperate sheet of paper.
*Stealing – If a card is occupying a time slot, you may steal that time slot if your card can win Rock, Paper Scissors(bottom left of card).
*If you cannot play a card, you may discard one and draw one.
*If all players discard in one complete turn, the round is over
*Once all spots on the lineup are filled, the round is over.
*Total each player’s score by adding the numbers from the upper right of cards.
*Three rounds = 1 game

Cards available at all Party Marty shows!

Glacier Valley Music Fest Full Pack – $15
Fast ‘N Loud Fest Full Pack – $8
Summerfest (Ground Floor Stage & 2nd Floor Stage) Full Pack – $30